The earliest records of firefighting in the world come from ancient Egypt, where residents may have used hand-operated pumps to combat life threatening blazes. Offering state of the art fire protection systems for businesses of all sizes in every industry, Unisafe has been a leading fire protection contractor based in Cairo, Egypt since 1990. Unisafe now updates an age-old tradition by using modern equipment and trained professionals to design, install, maintain and operate a wide variety of fire protection systems.

Our fire protection systems are programmed to respond immediately to any sign of a fire by ensuring the maximum safety of people and property. Using a powerful hazard analysis tool coupled with a fire alarm network and suppression systems, we install cutting edge complete fire protection systems for properties of all types. Ranging from factories and power stations to hotels and public buildings.

Unisafe constantly seeks the most recent innovations in fire protection technology to provide the highest quality fire prevention and safety equipment for your business. We install fire alarm systems, wet pipe - deluge - pre-action and foam sprinkler systems, water-mist sprinkler systems tailored by Danfoss Semco and environmentally and human friendly clean agent systems FM-200, CO2 and Inert gas suppression manufactured by one of the world’s leading fire suppression companies, LPG.

All of our system components follow international fire design codes and installation policies mandated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Egypt’s local fire codes. Association’s involvement ensures our company is up to date with technological advances in the fire industry. This results in our design, installation, maintenance and operations divisions following strict guidelines and a seamless operation till handing over of project and validation that the final output complies with the client’s as well as the consultant’s requirements.