Trusted above all - Sprinkler Systems and Accessories. Protecting Property in Egypt since 1986.


A leader in Fire Pumps. Unisafe has been working with Patterson since 1996.



A European Leader in Clean Agent fire suppression, LPG has been represented in Egypt by UNISAFE since 1990.

UNISAFE is the official exclusive agent of almost all LPG - Técnicas en Extinción de Incendios, S.L. range of products in Egypt. We have the expertise in design, installation and maintenance of LPG Systems. In addition, we provide start-up and commissioning for all systems whether installed by us or others. In Addition, our engineers get constant training in Europe and are 100% certified to install and maintain LPG Gas suppression systems.



UNISAFE is the official distributor for POTTER Electric's Fire Alarm and extinguishing release line of products. We provide sales, start-up, installation, warranty and full support on all their Fire Alarm and extinguishing release line of products.


UL Listed Fire and Water Pumps.


UL/FM CO2 Systems.



Sprinklers System Types.


UL/FM FM200 & Novec Fire Suppression.


Foam Fire Fighting Agent.


UL/FM FM200 & Novec Fire Suppression.



UL Listed Fire Fighting Accessories.


UL/FM Fire Detection and Suppression Systems.


UL/FM Valves & Sprinklers.


UL/FM Valves.


Grooved and Threaded Pipe Fittings, Hangars and Supports. UL Listed / FM Approved.


Approved Fire Fighting Network support and Accessories.


Approved Fire Detection Electrical Cables.