What is PoinTTech®?

PoinTTech® is a simple automatic fire suppression system that acts as detection and suppression product installed directly on a fire hazard as a form of local application protection all in 1 small system. This type of system is what we have labeled as the modern fire extinguisher which allows us to target our hazards direct, providing safety for any application 24 hours a day and without the need for maintenance.


 Why PoinTTech®

  • Fully Automated - Unlike a fire extinguisher, does not need any human operation
  • Requires no power to operate
  • Simple and cheap
  • Excels in closed spaces and inaccessible areas where blazes can ignite
  • Does not malfunction
  • Uses FM-200 as an extinguishing agent and thus safe for humans, Unlike Dry Powder and CO2 based systems


How does PoinTTech® work?

When a fire occurs, the tube in the system acts as the detection system with a fixed temperature rating melts. Upon melting, the rupturing of the tube operates as the distributing nozzle and thus the agent is discharged directly onto the fire source putting out the fire within seconds. Operation Timeline Phases:


Automatic Extinguishing in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1: The tube ruptures in a maximum of 10 sec.
  • Step 2: Agent discharge time is 5 sec.
  • Step 3: Fire suppression through 15 sec. max.


Where can I use PoinTTech®?

  • Enclosures & Confined areas
  • Electrical Cupboards
  • Control Panels
  • Switch Gear
  • Cable Ducts
  • Generator
  • Escalators
  • CNC machines
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Boats and Marine Equipment
  • Trucks, Van and Buses